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Gisa Ellis

I am an experienced business consultant skilled in Change and Performance Management, Learning and Development, Coaching and Writing with a demonstrated history of working in the eLearning, IT, Finance, Automotive and Services industry.

Naturally strategic and with great insight into organizational and business management, I am adept at facilitating and managing change and growth in individuals and businesses.

This includes strategy development, creating connections for idea people and systems; working with thinking patterns and limiting beliefs, facilitating awareness, growth and momentum. I also facilitate thinking environments, communication and conflict management.

I have a passion for education and elearning and have created advanced eLearning Management Solutions for Corporates and Educational Organisations. Using my proven experiences and skills acquired in my diverse rolse, I advise and consult businesses on Learning & Development with a focus on the development and implementation of eManagement Solutions eLearning Management Systems.

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The TrainingApp. A Result-Oriented Blend of Solution & Services Offering providing self-paced learning functionalities for Corporates and Organizations

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TheTutorApp. A Result-Oriented Blend of Solution & Service Offering providing a mix of self paced and live learning for Educational and Training Companies

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Quick Facts

What I stand for


Professionalism, Honesty, Integrity, Responsibility, Accountability


Client and Delivery First, Individual Approach, Win/Win Solutions, Compassion

The Process

Fun, Challenging, Committed, Confidential, Out of Comfort Zone


What our clients say

Gilvah.com, created by the mover and shaker Gisa Ellis, is an innovative and needed new platform for women that I would highly recommend. As women, we need a trusted ‘hub’ where we can go to seek the advice of experts in all areas of our life and work. This not only saves time but serves women through the counsel of professionals dedicated to supporting personal growth.
As a professional member, it really is a great opportunity to join a growing platform to serve, raise your professional profile globally, and reach more clients. Love it!

Dr Sam Collins

Founder and CEO, Aspire

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